Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elder Call Sings, Makes Sisters Cry; New Discovery in Book of Mormon

Well, Elder Call's dad was slothful last week. . .seems like the work piled up higher and higher and I just couldn't get through it all. But we did receive an email and a couple letters from Elder Call:

25 March 2009

Dear Family:

Thank you for sending your letters. It's lot of fun to read them. Elder Burton doesn't get a lot of letters; that's probably because he's been out a little over a year.

Things are going well here. We still only have one investigator, Mona. So we do a lot of tracting and walking. Not very many people are real receptive. This Saturday night we are going to officially swap wards with the sister missionares in our stake. A ward they cover is right across from us, and a ward we cover is very close to them. It will be really nice to have it so close. We have pretty much tracted everything in our area.

Tell everyone "hi" for me and that I am doing well and love the mission. Please tell Rachel and Rebecca that I love reading their letters (I don't know if I will have time to write them back) and I'm sorry I haven't written them much.

Last Thursday we had zone conference. It was really good. Some sisters from one of the Pocatello stakes who have sons or daughters serving missions right now prepared lunch for us. It was really good. We then stood and sang, "Called to Serve" for them. It made some of them cry. I don't know if it was because they were touched or because it hurt their ears!

Congratulations, Mary, on being called to be Mia Maid president. I know you will do great.

By the way, I came across something totally strange. The Book of Mormon is talking about the wars, then in Alma 46:40 it talks about using medicine! I thought that was cool.

Again, thank you for the letters. I love to read them. Tell me how things are going.

Love you all,

Elder Call

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