Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Suit Coats, Baptisms, and Ward Goals

28 June 2010

Dear Dad,

We had our Zone Conference for the transfer this past week. It was really good.

We have a new mission rule that we have to wear suit coats throughout the whole year! And that is not an excited exclamation point. We have to wear suit coats after 6:00 PM during the summer. It is so incredibly hot wearing them. We are constantly just dripping with sweat. On the first day Elder Duffin and I were talking to a lady outside and she said, "Aren't you guys hot in those coats? Oh, you're sweating pretty bad aren't you." But we will be obedient. "Willingly because we have to...Willingly because we want to!" Maybe we'll get to that point.

I'm glad that youth conference went well. Where did they go for the pioneer trek? It sounds like a ton of fun. Do you think the church is going to do a giant pioneer trek on the 200 year anniversary like they did at 150 years?

That is really good of Aunt Jenni and Aunt Denalee to stay with Grandma and Grandpa Call. I hope and pray that she can make it through this difficult time.

I think it is pretty cool that you are doing all of this work for these different businesses and organizations. People ask us frequently what our parents do for a living.

Two of our investigators were finally baptized on Sunday. Everyone was holding their breath that it would go through. It was a pretty good baptism. Their non-member father really liked it and was excited for his kids. Hopefully we can help him get closer to baptism and activity in the Church also. The talk on baptism was really good. It was given by their home teacher, Todd Hillam. He is also a seminary teacher here at IF High School. I suppose that is a plus in his ability to deliver doctrine in a simple, clear, profound manner. I think it helped the father see the eternal significance of the whole thing.

We are collecting the goals for the month of July from the wards. I had no idea something would be so hard. A couple of wards want to have half a baptism each, one ward wants to have a quarter of a baptism, another is going to get a quarter of a prospective elder ordained. But these are goals that the wards are setting for themselves, so they need to achieve them.

Hopefully things will pick up here.

Thanks for the email this week. I will continue to pray for you and the family.

Elder Call

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oliver Cowdery's Covenant; Possible Connection to Calls

21 June 2010

Dear Elder Call:

I am reading a book about Oliver Cowdery and this one chapter has a copy of the covenant that Oliver, Parley P. Pratt, Peter Whitmer, and Ziba Peterson made as they set out on their mission to the Lamanites in 1831. You may recall that this was the first major missionary effort in this dispensation, and on their way through Ohio they came upon Sydney Rigdon and the other Campbellites who were in the Kirtland area, ended up staying there for about six weeks, and baptized about 130 individuals.

As I read this I thought of you and feel to share it with you:

I, Oliver, being commanded of the Lord God to go forth unto the Lamanites to proclaim glad tidings of great joy unto them by presenting unto them the fullness of the gospel of the only begotten son of God, and also to rear up a pillar as a witness where the temple of God shall be built in the glorious New Jerusalem; and having certain brothers with me who are called of God to assist me, whose names are Parley, Peter, and Ziba, do therefore most solemnly covenant before God that I will walk humbly before him and do this business and this glorious work according as he shall direct me by the Holy Ghost, ever praying for mine and their prosperity and deliverance from bonds and from imprisonments and whatsoever may befall us, with all patience and faith. Amen.

Oliver Cowdery

We, the undersigned, being called and commanded of the Lord God, to accompany our brother Oliver Cowdery to go to the Lamanites and to assist in the above mentioned glorious work and business; we do therefore most solemnly covenant before God that we will assist him faithfully in this thing by giving heed unto all his words and advice which are or shall be given him by the spirit of truth, ever praying with all prayer and supplication for our and his prosperity and our deliverance from bonds and imprisonments and whatsoever may come upon us, with all patience and faith. Amen.

P.P. Pratt
Ziba Peterson
Peter Whitmer

Signed in presence of
Joseph Smith, Jr.
David Whitmer


21 June 2010

Dear Dad,

That is way cool. Thank you for sharing it. I wish I could get back to reading Church History again. I really miss it a lot. But I am loving the scriptures more and more.

That mission really catapulted the spreading of the gospel. It is really neat.

I have always wondered about what kind of connection the Calls had to Sydney Rigdon and those that joined the Church. Cyril's daughter Samantha said that Sidney Rigdon, Almon Babbitt, and other early Church members were all good friends with Cyril Call's family. We know Cyril's father, Joseph, was a baptist preacher in the Grand River Baptist Association and taught with Sidney. Joseph Call died about 1821/22. Cyril's brother, Cyrus, was a Campbellite preacher also about the same time (but he never joined the Church). His other brother Rufus and his son Orvis were a part of Sidney's congregation. As far as we can tell Rufus never joined the Church but Orvis did. Orvis, I believe, was baptized in 1837. I can't remember where I read that. He could have been baptized earlier, and had a re-baptism. They did that sometimes back then.

Cyril and his sons Harvey and Anson (the two oldest) went and bought land in Missouri in 1838. Then Cyril left them there and went back to get the families in Ohio. They were making their way back in the winter of 1838 but stopped in Palmyra, MO (west of Quincey) due to the persecution. Then Anson came from Far West and they all went up to the Warsaw area. Orvis was with Cyril and the families on the trip to Missouri, but it looks like he died in Quincey about 1839, if I remember correctly. I was working on this family a little when I left so this is kind of sketchy. But it looks like Orvis' wife (Phoebe Tiffany- sister to Cyril's wife Sally) possibly remarried a man by the name of Star (or Starr). I think Orvis and Phoebe had two daughters. I don't think any of that family stuck with the Church, if they were even members.

I just love family history.

Elder Call

P.S. Some of that info could be off a bit because I haven't really done anything with family history for so long now.

New Companion; Investigators Progressing

21 June 2010

Dear Dad,

Thanks for the update on everything. It sounds like it was an exciting weekend for the girls in the ward. We don't really get bad storms out here in Idaho very often. It is kind of funny because people will tell me, "Oh we do get tornadoes out here, Elder." "We do get them sometimes." The most recent one that anyone remembers was 20-30 years ago out north of town towards Iona. It didn't really do any damage. I'm glad they're all safe.

Did I tell you I met a family from Belvidere? It is the Fullmer family. Sis. Fullmer said she is good friends with Sis. Webb. You might want to tell the Webbs that.

That sounds like a pretty cool book that you have come up with. Everyone here, whether they are members or non-members always comment about how Idaho Falls is a great place to raise a family. That is why a lot of people move back here after they get married and have a few kids. Sounds like your research must be dead on.

The Nielsons are back from the Netherlands! That is funny. Is John still good friends with Hugh, or did they change too much over the last couple of years?

My new companion is Elder Duffin from Los Angeles. He has been out 5 months. He is an AWESOME elder. Truly a God-send. He has only had one other other area, ISU.

One of our investigators is still set for baptism on Sunday. We are going to call the mother tonight and make sure that they have asked all the family members to participate in the program. Another investigator is still working towards baptism. We are going to teach him tonight and possibly reset a date for him to work towards.
We had another investigator get baptized on Saturday. But I will probably write about that in the letter home. It was a very spiritual baptism.

I will continue to pray for you and the family and Grandma Call.

Elder Call

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updates on Investigators; Sleeping High Priests

[Note: Elder Call had asked us in his written letter to send him copies of the three patriarchal blessings bestowed upon Lida Perry Call, his great grandmother. –Editor]

7 June 2010

Dear Dad,

That's alright about forgetting to email last week. I kind of figured that is what happened.

I hope that progress can be made with the investigators we have. We were supposed to have a baptism this past Saturday and the week before. They both got postponed. The first because he is in the hospital. Then the second because the mother called up Saturday morning and said they were all too sick to do it. So they are both rescheduled and we are praying hard that they can make it.

We went to the last 10 minutes of a high priest group yesterday to try to motivate them to do missionary work. I don't know if it was very effective. We went over time by about 2 minutes and one of two men that were asleep the entire time (heads down, eyes closed, heads bobbing back and forth) suddenly woke up looked at the time shook his head and pointed at the clock. He was upset that we went over the time. You can probably imagine how I feel.

Thank you for sending me the blessings I just got curious and wanted to read them. I can't believe the rate at which you are writing your life history. That is great.

I pray for Grandma Call frequently. That is sad about her chemo being postponed; I will pray more for her and hope that she does well.

That is excellent that you won that major job in Virginia. It is also good that you won't have to travel very often. I don't know about you, but I don't like to travel very much. It would be especially hard having to do it every other week or so. What kind of stuff are you going to do for this client?

How are your books coming along?

I wrote the Webb's last week I think. But I will write another to Bishop Webb and the ward. Speaking of the Webbs, yesterday at the high priest thing I met a family that moved from here a few months ago from the Belvidere Branch. I think the father's name was John Fullmer. I know it was Fullmer. The wife said she was really good friends with Sis. Webb. It can be a small world sometimes.

Transfers are a week from this Wednesday. Elder Lacey is pretty convinced he is moving. This is his 5th transfer in this area. So that is kind of a long time.
He just told me his family is moving to Iowa Falls (an hour from from his home). But I thought he said, "Idaho Falls!" I wonder what would happen if your family moved into the mission?

Well, I think that is about it from the mission. Thanks for your email and for sending the copies of the patriarchal blessings.

Elder Call

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Investigator Hospitalized; Another Family Connection Discovered

31 May 2010

Hi Dad,

Happy Memorial Day!

How are you guys doing this week? I don't know if a whole lot has happened.

Elder Lacey's eyes are corrected as best as possible, according to Dr. Elliott.

One of our investigators was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but he was hospitalized on Wednesday. The doctors finally think they know what is wrong. He has two disease 1) Wagner's something or other, it attacks his major internal organs. 2) Vasculitis something. That limits the blood flow to joints and causes swelling and stuff. He will be on steroids for 6 months and he should be cured. Wagner's is very rare I think they said it affects 1 in 50,000 American men between the ages of 30 and 40. Our investigator is 28. He should be back this week sometime and he wants to be baptized on the 12th of June.

We did a bunch of service this week for a family that bought a house and wanted to gut it. So we got about half the zone there and ripped out walls, tiles, ceilings all sorts of stuff. It was a lot of fun.

How is Grandma Call doing? Anything new on her chemotherapy?

I keep meeting people we are related to. Yesterday at church (in the Park View Ward) there was an older couple sitting behind us. As we were leaving they said hello and he said "Elder Call! Where are you from?" People say it in a way that I know they are thinking either "Hey I know Calls." or "I'm related to Calls, I wonder if we are related."

I told him I was from Illinois and he asked "Are you related to Anson?" I said, "I come from his brother Omer. Are you?"

He pointed to his wife and said, "She is Anson Call's great-granddaughter!"

Her Grandfather was Israel Call! It seems as if most of Anson's great-grandchildren should be dead. Her grandfather (Israel Call) was born in the 1850's, I believe 1854. Her name is May Call Adamson. She is 88 years old. Israel Call was a patriarch. She told me he also worked in the temple a whole lot. She is my 3rd cousin twice removed. Her grandfather and Grandpa Call's grandpa, Cyril Josiah Call (b.1860), were 1st cousins. I thought that was pretty neat.

Anything else new on the home front? Thanks for everything you guys have done and do for me.

Elder Call