Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elder Call is Happy and Healthy in Idaho

27 May 2009

Dear Family,

Happy late birthday, Mom! Sorry I didn't write about it last week. We figured out that Elder Poppleton's sister, who is 38, is closer to your age than his mom, who is 59. Isn't that really weird?

Things are going well here. One of our investigators quit smoking on Saturday! We are so excited for him.

We met a man who told us that we had never studied the Bible! We thought that we pretty funny. He also told us that the Bible and Book of Mormon don't agree. We told him that he can know the Book of Mormon is true by the Spirit because John 14:26 teaches us about the role of the Holy Ghost.

He then told us we don't need the Holy Ghost to konwt he truth. We only need the Bible. We asked if we could come over and teach him. He said no, only the Bible. He said we could study teh Bible without him, thinking we wouldn't agree). Of course we said we would. He hesitated and said he had to talk to his wife about it. We said, "Okay. Can we come by Sunday to see if you have figured out a time for us to meet?" He hesitated again and said, "No. You shouldn't."

I just got all your letters this afternoon. Thanks for them. It is really good hearing from you. It sounds like everyone is doing good.

We have had a really busy day. It was a Zone Memorial Day activity. I wrote Dad an email about it. Last night we went to a ward's mutual in the Central Stake and did little trainings/workshops on different sections of Preach My Gospel. That was a lot of fun, but we only had 10 minutes. That was not enough time for the kids to really learn much. It was kind of a quick in-and-out type deal.

It is getting pretty warm and hot outside now. But it isn't very humid, which is really nice. The only thing that is bothersome is that freak thunderstorms just appear out of nowhere and then we get really wet.

Next week is transfers once again! That seems really strange. It will be 3 months in Idaho already plus the three weeks at the MTC! How crazy is that?

It sounds like Mom will have fun in Utah. That is really good that she will be able to see her sisters and parents.

The West Stake is slowly moving along. Hopefully we will have a couple of baptisms next transfer. I hope that these people we are teaching will be able to follow through with baptisms. Our area hasn't seen any baptisms for at least 4.5 months! Thre are plenty of nonmembers and poeple being prepared; they just need to be found.

Tell me how the family is doing and how the ward is. Thanks.

Love you all,

Elder Call

Photos of Elder Call Arrive

Okay, so. . .these photos arrived a couple weeks ago, and I feel awfully guilty that they aren't up until now. I'll try to do better!

To the left is Elder Burton (Elder Call's trainer and district leader), and to the right is Elder Call. They are fishing at Lava Hot Springs. Isn't missionary work tough? :-)

Elder Call, left, and Elder Burton on the way to Bannuck Creek.

Elder Call and Elder Burton monkeying around!

Elder Call, Elder Burton, and an investigator.

Even in Missionary Work there can be Nothing New

Elder Call's handwritten letter this week is pretty short. And it's even shorter on the blog because a friendly reminder was posted a few weeks ago by someone who stumbled onto the blog. He reminded me that sensitive information about investigators or members should be kept private, and he is right. So I'm more careful about editing out Elder Call's personal perceptions or his desires that specific investigators will be baptized.

But his letter is nonetheless nice to read!

20 May 2009

Dear Family,

Thanks for your letters this week. I really like reading them and hearing all about what is going in. It sounds like everyone is doing really good. Rebecca wrote me about Adam Foster's talk. . .what he said about Mom is service. Also what he said about Sister Crave. That one made me laugh: how she would have taken charge and been first in teh Valley.

Things are pretty much the same. . . . [We had a great meeting] with Mona. We talked about everything from Abraham to Joseph Smith, from revelation to families. She has a greater understanding about revelation now. She is now [hoping] to meet President Monson! I believe she will make it happen.

Sorry this letter is short, but there isn't much to write about this week.

Love you all,

Elder Call

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elder Call's Gaurdian. . .DOG?

27 May 2009

Hi Dad,

Thank you for emailing me. I can't remember if I said thanks for the stamps or not. Thanks for the stamps. (I got them a while ago.) I enjoyed reading the email.

That sounds like an awesome Memorial Day Breakfast! I wish I could have been there to see all those people. It sounds like Sister Crave and her family did a good job once again. How did they get so many people there?

Our Memorial Day was actual kind of boring because everybody was gone or were having parties and we didn't have any appointments. Nobody really seemed to want to talk to us either. Oh well.

But today, on the other hand, we had a Zone Memorial Day activity at a park just down the road from us. That was a ton of fun! It started at 11:00 and ended at 3:00. We played softball, had a barbecue (with the grill the Saureys gave us) and then played Ultimate Frisbee. I didn't really like the softball part though. I just don't like playing baseball type games.

That is really nice of Pres. Evans and Bishop Ensign to ask how I am doing. I was wondering if Pres. Ward was still around or if he is in Salt Lake or whereever?

It sounds like you travel a lot now for work. Do you like that or would you rather just do work around Rockford?

I can't remember if I told you but we had a district blitz last week. All the missionaries in our district went to work in Elder Rose and Elder Fletcher's area for a few hours. I was Elder Fletcher's companion. We had a dog follow us all over town! It was kind of scary. . .it had its mouth open with its tongue hanging out the entire time. It would walk just behind us or next to us. And we would stop to knock on a door and it would lay down while we talked and then get back up again. People even asked us if it was our dog! One time it even walked quite a ways ahead of us and we turned into a trailer court. We saw it stop and look around and then came running over to us! We then went inside a trailer and when we came out 10-15 minutes later it had disappeared. We joked that it was our guardian angel! Who knows maybe it really did protect us from something or someone.

It sounds like Mom will have a ton of fun in Utah visiting her family.

Tell everyone that I am doing good and appreciate them asking about me. Tell them all "hi."

Elder Call

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Meaning to the Phrase, "Shake off the Dust of Thy Feet"

Okay, I feel bad. Really, really, bad. Worse than not doing my home teaching. Worse than the time I got a technical foul called on me when I was 15 years old. I mean, I've really blown it this time.

I've just been so doggone busy with work that I haven't updated Elder Call's blog.

But it's a new day, and a new commitment is being made. Here's hoping for the best.

21 May 2009

Hey Dad,

It sounds like work is keeping you really busy and you are getting new clients pretty steadily.

I'm sure that Mary and John are way excited to be out of school pretty soon. With the weather warming up there it has got to be hard for them to go through each school day. It sounds like it is getting pretty green out in Illinois. It is greening up here in Idaho too, just not nearly as much as back home. It is kind of funny to see all of these yards with sprinklers. Idaho is a dusty place that's for sure.

I have two pairs of shoes. One I only wear to meetings or other nicer occasions and the other I wear when we are out working most days. The pair that I use while working I don't clean them or polish them very frequently, but yesterday morning I decided it was about time. They looked pretty nice. But by the end of the day they were dusty and gray again. You just can't keep them looking clean and nice for very long.

Fortunately we don't have to worry about tornadoes in Idaho. I am glad that they all made it home safe. Here we just have freak rainstorms that seemingly come out of nowhere and then we get drenched.

I am feeling completely better now. It is really nice not being sick. When we get sick as missionaries we feel really lazy and useless.

The work in the Pocatello West Stake is pretty much the same. We did set a baptism date with Kalob for 13 June. He is so excited to be baptized. That family is so cool. All four boys were asking us all about being a missionary. What it is like, what we do, where we wanted to go, etc. They were even saying they couldn't wait to be missionaries! The two middle boys were baptized at the same time and were talking about how they felt and other times they have felt the Spirit. They are way cool kids. They will all make great missionaries one day.

Things are going pretty good here, it is hard to believe that it is already 4 weeks into this transfer! Elder Poppleton and I both feel like he will get transfered and that I will stay. But we really have no idea. If I do stay here one more transfer, then I will have been in this stake for 4 1/2 months! That seems like a long time. We were talking to a lady in one of our wards and she served her mission in Cleveland Ohio mission. She only served in two areas (neither of them were visitor's centers or historical sites). She stayed in her second area for 10 months! That is truly a long time! That is especially long for a sister missionary who is only out for 18 months. She told us it was way hard to go home because she was in that area for so long they seemed like family. There were very few members in her area so she had dinners with some families at least once a week. She ate with a couple of families at least 40 times! That is crazy.

Well, I guess I will get going. Thanks for everything and tell me how everyone is doing. Thanks.


Elder Call