Monday, April 6, 2009

Following the Spirit in Pocatello

This past weekend Elder Call's former stake president, Jack D. Ward, was sustained as an area seventy during general conference. The last missionary President Ward set apart before being released was Elder Call.

Today, Elder Call's adventure continues with his experiences of following the Spirit. . .

1 April 2009

Dear Family:

Thank you for your letters. I love to read them. I am writing on this [unlined paper] because we are at the library doing emails and the other elders aren't done yet. It will be hard keeping the lines straight. That is one thing I have always wondered when reading older documents in family history. How did they keep the lines so straight?

Yesterday we were on exchanges and I was with Elder Johnson. We had a few minutes before another appointment so we decided to do a little tracting. We started to walk down one street when I didn't quite feel right about it. So I said, "Let's turn around." We were walking up a street and then I felt good about it and said, "Let's start right here." We knocked on the door and a lady answered named Debbie. We shared a short message and she said she was inactive, but knew she really needed to go to church. She expressed interest and we were wrapping it up and then she said that her grandmother was a Call and was a member. I think we will go and visit with her every few days and maybe I could talk with her about family history a little. That might encourage her to go and it will build a relationship of trust.

Yesterday we had another appointment with Mona. It went really well. Elder Johnson is a convert of about 1.5 years. Elder Burton was definitely inspired to go on that exchange because Elder Johnson was perfect for her. I feel baptism is very close for her. We are very excited for Mona and her husband.

Tell me how things are going and anything new that is going on. Say "hi" to Rachel and Rebecca for me please.

Love you all,
Elder Call

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