Saturday, June 6, 2009

Elders Call and Poppleton Follow the Spirit, Become "Answer to Prayer"

3 June 2009

Hi Dad,

I got the SD cards on Monday and on Monday we found out that we are both staying here in the Pocatello West Stake! That will mean that I will be here in this area 4 1/2 months! That seems like a way long time. I really like it here and hope to see some of these people we are teaching get baptized this transfer.

This one investigator quite smoking for a week and picked it up again. So he won't be baptized this Saturday. I don't know if I told you, but his oldest son that is a RM is getting married a month from today and then 3 kids from a marriage in Texas are coming up at about that same time. He wants to be baptized while they are here. He also wants to be done smoking before then. His one daughter is a convert to the church and his son who is 11 will be living with him. He wants his son to be baptized also. So that is pretty cool.

Another investigator is inching closer and closer to baptism. This past week she told us that she is "leaning towards baptism"! And for her that pretty much means she knows she is going to be baptized and knows it is the right thing to do. We are way excited for her and so is her husband.

We have been helping a couple who are almost 90 years old . Their home teacher thinks that we can help get them to the temple. That would be really cool if that happened. We helped them weed about a week and a half ago. They have a huge garden (as in at least 20 very long rows, Elder Poppleton says maybe 1/2 an acre) that they put on for show and competitions. Then on Monday morning we decided to go over without any notice and weed. We got there and Sis. Erikson was so excited and happy we were there. She kept yelling back at her husband that the missionaries were there to weed! She starting clapping for joy. She told us, "You wouldn't believe it, but you are an answer to a prayer." She had been praying that someone would come and help her weed. She is practically blind and can only see a weed that is about 3 feet tall and has a yellow flower on the end.

I am way excited for the work that you have coming in and potentially will be doing. Maybe you could tell Nauvoo University to have a Family History Major and I might go there after BYU! That would be fun.

We had a dinner appointment with a family and the father's name was Spencer Stucki from the Bear Lake area. (Don't you have some Stucki cousins? He said there are 3 unrelated families that came from Switzerland, joined the Church and settled in Idaho. One in Bear Lake, Idaho Falls, and I can't remember the third.) Anyways, he said he knows Scott Kunz (spelling) quite well. I thought that was pretty amazing.

That is great that all those youth went to the Temple Baptisms. That is a crazy amount! Tell them all I wish them well and pray that they will continue to be strong in the faith.

Well, I'll get going. Thanks for the letters and the SD Cards.

Elder Call

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