Saturday, May 30, 2009

Elder Call is Happy and Healthy in Idaho

27 May 2009

Dear Family,

Happy late birthday, Mom! Sorry I didn't write about it last week. We figured out that Elder Poppleton's sister, who is 38, is closer to your age than his mom, who is 59. Isn't that really weird?

Things are going well here. One of our investigators quit smoking on Saturday! We are so excited for him.

We met a man who told us that we had never studied the Bible! We thought that we pretty funny. He also told us that the Bible and Book of Mormon don't agree. We told him that he can know the Book of Mormon is true by the Spirit because John 14:26 teaches us about the role of the Holy Ghost.

He then told us we don't need the Holy Ghost to konwt he truth. We only need the Bible. We asked if we could come over and teach him. He said no, only the Bible. He said we could study teh Bible without him, thinking we wouldn't agree). Of course we said we would. He hesitated and said he had to talk to his wife about it. We said, "Okay. Can we come by Sunday to see if you have figured out a time for us to meet?" He hesitated again and said, "No. You shouldn't."

I just got all your letters this afternoon. Thanks for them. It is really good hearing from you. It sounds like everyone is doing good.

We have had a really busy day. It was a Zone Memorial Day activity. I wrote Dad an email about it. Last night we went to a ward's mutual in the Central Stake and did little trainings/workshops on different sections of Preach My Gospel. That was a lot of fun, but we only had 10 minutes. That was not enough time for the kids to really learn much. It was kind of a quick in-and-out type deal.

It is getting pretty warm and hot outside now. But it isn't very humid, which is really nice. The only thing that is bothersome is that freak thunderstorms just appear out of nowhere and then we get really wet.

Next week is transfers once again! That seems really strange. It will be 3 months in Idaho already plus the three weeks at the MTC! How crazy is that?

It sounds like Mom will have fun in Utah. That is really good that she will be able to see her sisters and parents.

The West Stake is slowly moving along. Hopefully we will have a couple of baptisms next transfer. I hope that these people we are teaching will be able to follow through with baptisms. Our area hasn't seen any baptisms for at least 4.5 months! Thre are plenty of nonmembers and poeple being prepared; they just need to be found.

Tell me how the family is doing and how the ward is. Thanks.

Love you all,

Elder Call


  1. I thougth of Bob a lot of the weekend - I was up there for mother's week weekend and he was on my mind. Glad all is going well! We pray for him daily.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. He is doing great and I'm sure much of that is due to the prayers of family and friends.