Sunday, March 21, 2010

Elder Call Adjusting to Thoughts of Texas

15 March 2010

Dear Family:

Well, a week (or less than that) from now we will know transfer information. I used to think that I was going to be transferred because I have been here so long and also I've been with one companion for so long. But at interviews on Friday President said that he is going to try to make this transfer as invisible as possible. Only three missionaries are going home and four are coming in. He said there is a good chance St. Anthony will stay the same.

I have to admit that last Monday when I found out about the move to Texas I was pretty blown away. We do emails from the Family History Center, and some of the workers there offered solace and comfort! It was probably pretty funny if you were a fly on the wall. So today when we got to the Family History Center one of the brothers had hung a Texas flag above the computer I use! Then he played a Youtube video of Texas music and all the things to do and see in Texas. It was pretty funny. Now Elder Walker has hung the flag over my bed.

It is even funnier because the week before I was talking about how Texas is the most prideful state in the Union!

Nothing much is going on besides all that. Can you tell Rebecca the next time you talk with her that I did get that package with all the copies. And that I really enjoyed reading them. Thank you.

Elder Call

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