Monday, September 20, 2010

Baptisms Continue to Come

20 September 2010

Dear Dad,

Isn't it crazy how fast the weeks are flying by? This past week it seems like we have been constantly running all over the place trying to get things done. The busier you are the quicker it goes. This upcoming week we have another training meeting in Pocatello. That will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So that will make this week go by quick also.

Elder Fife's half of the stake is having some crazy things happen with missionary work. For probably the last 7 or 8 months there hasn't been a baptism. Now He has four baptism dates. Two of the dates are 10 year old twins, another is 23 year old lady, and the last is a 22 year old man named George [not his real name].

That last one is a pretty cool story. We tracted some apartments earlier this week and met a lady that said she is less-active, but would like us to come teach her and her husband. So she set up an appointment for Friday night. We got there and she left a note on the door saying she had to work, but "please do come back." So we left kind of dejected. Then as we were getting in the car Elder Durnall and Elder Fife saw a man outside. They both thought we should go talk to him. But they didn't want to get back out of the car and walk straight up to him. So we parked on the other side of the building and walked around to talk to him. He is less-active also, and not interested in hearing about the Church (incidentally, he went to school Uncle Scott Kunz down in Bear Lake). So we walked around and saw another man outside. We chatted with him for a minute. His name was George.

I said, "George, I think we met your wife, Susan [not her real name], the other day." He said that was her. We talked about how she wanted us back to teach about the gospel. We asked him if it was alright to come back. He said, "Ya, maybe tomorrow night."

So we went over Saturday night. We started talking about how the gospel blesses families and how prayer has affected their lives. (This approach has had a huge impact, especially lately.) We asked some questions to help him identify his feelings and the Spirit (one of the things we are taught in this new curriculum). Later on in the lesson Elder Durnall extended a baptism invitation and he accepted, without any hesitation! It was so cool.

We had another investigator baptized on Saturday! He is 20 years old and we have been teaching him with another family. One of the members of that family was baptized last week. This investigator is way cool and really gets the gospel. He is the kind of guy that never really had too many friends in High School and his parents haven't treated him very good. He told us after the baptism, "There are some things you do before you're baptized. And some things you don't do after you're baptized." He wants to serve a mission.

That's pretty cool about the new family moving into Aditya's neighborhood. Aditya has a sister that is considerable younger than he is. Some of their kids might be her age, I'm not sure. I hope Aditya is doing alright.

I pray for you and for the family, about work, school, and the move. I know that everything will work out like it is supposed to.

Elder Call

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