Monday, September 27, 2010

Elder Call Demonstrates He Hasn't Lost His Family History Acumen

Note: I had forwarded to Elder Call a request from a member of the Cyril Call Family Association on LinkedIn for any information regarding Joseph Smith's prophecy to Cyril that he (Cyril) would have a large posterity that would remain true to the Church. This is Elder Call's response

27 September 2010

Hi Dad,

I so wish that I could do some real serious genealogy on the mission!

I have heard of that "prophecy" before. I don't remember right now of finding any original source. I have all of those black bins of genealogy stuff. It is sorted alphabetically by last name by couple. So Cyril and Sally Tiffany Call should have a folder with information gathered about them and any children that I am not a direct descendant of, so Omer and Sarah M. Ferrin Call should have a separate folder. You can go through that and look to see if there is anything.

The one thing that might be similar to that "prophecy" is his patriarchal blessing given by Joseph Smith Sen. I believe that talks about a large posterity that would be a part of the church. I should have a copy of that in that folder. I believe they received those in May 1836, the same day that Anson was baptized. Sally's makes note that if she would be baptized, then the blessings will come.

There is a book that has early patriarchal blessings compiled. There is one listed for Cyril and Sally "Cabb". Whoever transcribed it misread "Call" for "Cabb" (an easy mistake).

Samantha Call Willey (1814-1905) also wrote a life history (I think about seven pages) that might give some insight. I think in her's she mentions being baptized in the Grand River (in Ohio) in 1837 with some siblings. Her cousin Orvis Call was also baptized in 1837 (she refers to him as "Uncle Orvis" sometimes). That should be in Cyril's folder also.

If I remember correctly there are two possible dates of baptism for Cyril:
1) October 1831 (according to Anson's journal begun about 1839)
2) November 1832 (I think that is on a High Priest Group Record in Bountiful)

In May 1836 Cyril and Sally had 12 children, 8 of baptism age and Anson being the only one married. Children are: Harvey (27), Anson (26), Samantha (21), Fanny (turned 21 in May 1836), Lucina (16), Josiah (14), Mary (12), Sonora (9), Sarah (7), Melissa (6), Omer and Homer (2).

Cyril definitely had a large posterity. According to one researcher it is the 6th largest in the church.

Out of all children it seems as though they all stayed active except for Melissa. I think she joined The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Good luck and let me know of any developments on that.

Elder Call


  1. Holy Smokes!!! How does he remember all this?!!!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me. I have a hard enough time following who is related to who and following dates and stuff when I'm READING it. There is no way I could REMEMBER all that. Sheesh.

  3. Hello fellow Call clansmen,
    What a blessing it is to run into your blog! My daughter and I were doing some online research on Cyril Call for her history project and I was wondering if you had any useful information on Cyril for us, especially in regards to his service in the War of 1812. My husband is a descendant of his through Anson Call (Margaretta Unwin Clark)> Mary Call (Thomas Waddoups)...
    I appreciate your assistance.