Monday, October 25, 2010

New Investigators Abound in Taylor Mountain Stake

Note: We received a letter from Elder Call’s mission president asking us to let the mission office know our preference on Elder Call’s flight home. In my email to Elder Call, I asked him if he wanted us as his parents to fly out to Idaho and visit the various areas in which he served, or if he would rather just fly home.

25 October 2010

Hi Dad,

That is weird about your laptop!? I hope that you are able to fix it soon.

It has been cold and rainy up here for the last couple of days also. I don't think that we are going to get anymore really nice days for the rest of the year, well not until next spring or summer. Shelley got a little bit of snow Sunday morning, but we just had rain up here in IF. But people are telling us that we are supposed to get snow this week some time. On the one hand it is nice that we don't have to worry about the hot, hot sun. But now it will just be cold and snowy.

That is way funny about the BYU game! I bet it was still fun to get together anyways.

We picked up a couple of new investigators this week. We have one ward where not a whole lot has been going on. So we decided to go visit the leadership in the ward and set expectations on both ends--what they expect of us, and what we expect of the ward. So the Relief Society President gave us a list of about eight less-active sisters in her ward that she thought would be receptive to us. The Bishop had recently asked her to go and visit every sister in the ward. So we went contacting these people and one of them told us she would call us some time, because her son might have questions and hasn't been baptized yet. So we gave her the number not real hopeful, but on Wednesday at about 1:00 she called and asked us to come over at 8:00 and begin teaching her and her son! The lesson went very well, he is a smart kid. We didn't set a baptism date yet, but I'm positive that he will be baptized.

One of the other investigators is a man whose wife is a member. He has lived in Idaho his entire life, and people mistake him for a "solid LDS man" frequently (He doesn't drink, smoke, chew, swear, has a family, and drives a minivan). He is very welcoming of us coming over, doesn't seem to have a very firm belief in Christ being the Redeemer--just an excellent, if not the best, teacher that we all need to follow. So we will see how that goes.

The other new investigator is a lady that is active in the church, has a calling, her children are active, the father pretty active (he drives truck so is gone a lot), yet she isn't baptized. The biggest hold up is that both her and her husband smoke. And she wants him to baptize her. She also said she is still undecided about Joseph Smith. The oldest son is 15 and they have been going to church since he was 8 or 9. He was baptized at age 10 with his younger sister who was 8 at the time. Hopefully we can help them. The father grew up in Brigham, but stopped believing when he was 12. Then shortly before they started going to church he had a few questions and found the answers in the Bible. So he decided that he better read the Bible. The son said they read it all day on Sundays. I thought he meant just a long time, but they read from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night with an hour tops for lunch! They read the Bible and believed and the father said, "Well I am LDS so I should read the Book of Mormon too." So they read that and believed it also. They have been going to church every since. They are a way good family, and I am excited to teach them.

I think I would rather just fly home. That sounds a lot better than touring the mission. Some missionaries do tour the mission with their parents, but that just doesn't feel right. I would rather be able to just walk off the plane and be home. Not have any of this in between stuff.

By the way, on exchanges with Elder Fife this week in the other half of the stake we had dinner with the Crandall family. Bro. Crandall is helping a business get started in Rexburg called "Yellowstone Hotel Systems" (I think) and their product is called "Open Book." It is basically a way to book hotel rooms online. He said they are in need of raising money. I have no idea if that is along your line of work, but you might want to look into it. I told him your business is called "Civicus Consulting," he said he might be interested. I told him I wasn't sure if it is what you do or not. Either way it sounds like a cool business he is helping to start.

Thank you for everything.

Elder Call

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  1. Can you believe it's already time to be discussing the coming home stuff? CRAZY.