Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Investigator Commits to Baptism

8 November 2010

Dear Dad,

I can't believe that you guys were able to find a family to buy our house! That is truly a miracle. I hope that it works out for the new family. I am also surprised that the other buyer of the home in Missouri was unable to reach an agreement with the seller. I hope that you guys will be able to come to an agreement for it also. It would be pretty cool to have that home.

I am glad that Elder Bunker and Elder Brabazon are doing well on their missions. I need to write Dan again. They were all such good friends growing up. I am sure that they are excellent missionaries.

It sounds like John is being very diligent. That is good. Definitely a missionary skill that he needs to develop. I hope that he doesn't get too stressed out about getting his Duty to God award and his Eagle Project done.

I think only a few things worth writing about happened this week.

The first is we had zone conference on Tuesday in Blackfoot at the Blackfoot North West Stake Center. It was really good. It is kind of weird; we used to have zone conference once a transfer, but now just every three months. There is always a testimony meeting and the missionaries that are departing bare theirs and the new missionaries share theirs also. So some missionaries share their testimonies three months before they go home, and the new missionaries have already been in the mission for three months when they share theirs. The next zone conference will be in the beginning of February, so I am one of the lucky ones that shares his when he is close to going home. It just wouldn't be the same if I shared it two or three months before the end of the mission.

Elder Durnall and I were asked to give a training at zone conference. We trained on the Qualifications of the Holy Ghost. I think it went well. I kind of like doing things like that. But that was the first time I have trained at a zone conference. There are usually three zones in attendance, so we don't have the opportunity every conference.

This week we met with an investigator whose wife was baptized back in August and they have struggled with coming to church. He is a non-member, but loves church and has been reading the Book of Mormon. Every time we go over there she says something about having to hurry up and get him baptized. Whenever she says that he throws up another wall and takes a step back. But this week we went to go share a lesson about the Restoration with him. It had just clicked in his mind that we have prophets today. He was very excited about that. So we invited him to be baptized on the 8 January. He said maybe he would. But as we discussed with his wife, he ended up settling on 7 February. It is good that he has a date, a goal, to work towards. But it is three months away! He did agree that if he got his answer about the Book of Mormon sooner that he would move that date up. That was an exciting night.

Other than that not much happened this week. I will still pray for you and the family. Thank you for your prayers.

Elder Call

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