Monday, November 22, 2010

Member-Present Lessons Off the Charts!

22 November 2010

Dear Dad,

I am so sorry that that home in Missouri might not work. I have prayed that you guys will be able to find a house though. That has got to be really stressful to not know where you will be and having to be out by the end of December. I so hope that you will find the right home soon.

That would be pretty cool to live in the Gallatin Ward. It would be really interesting to live in that area with so much history. I loved Adam-ondi-Ahman, it was very beautiful there. I will pray that this home or another will work out soon for the family.

I would like to speak in the Beloit Ward if that is possible. That would be good to be able to see all of them again. The Hobbs have also offered that I could stay in their home. I'm not sure how long I would want to stay in Illinois for. It would be good to see some people, but honestly what would I do? I think we just feel so disconnected from the world and everyone while on a mission, we just get used to not having roots set down anywhere. We move from place to place every few months, eat dinner at a different family's home every night, rotate through several wards each week, missionaries coming and going every six weeks, etc.

Speaking of that, transfers are coming up a week from Wednesday. Again we will find out sometime this weekend what is going to happen. Honestly, I have no idea what will happen here in the Taylor Mountain Stake. I was only here four weeks longer than Elder Durnall. We are completing our third transfer together, either one of us could go. Or maybe we will stay together again.

We had a snow storm this weekend. Now there is a good five inches of snow, maybe more. And we have 70% chance of snow today, and 90% tomorrow. Then it will be cold the rest of the week. A couple of weeks ago it snowed a bit, then it got warm (40s) and melted. But I think this is here to stay. It is strange because I got here on the 1st of July and it was hot and sunny, middle of summer, everyone was out and about camping, now it is cold and snowy.

We had our training meeting this week. It was really good. We had Elder De Mola stay with us Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He is from Italy and he and Elder Durnall served together over in Ammon. That was a lot of fun. We were able to teach eight member present lessons this week--that is an absolute miracle for the Taylor Mountain Stake! We struggled getting two or three for the longest time, those were good weeks. Then we had two weeks in a row where we were able to have three, then the next week we had four. We were very excited, then this past week we had eight! That was huge. I think this week might be lower because it is Thanksgiving, holidays are always tough for missionary work.

Yesterday at church Brother Romrell gave us each ear warmers, that was very nice. He is a very thoughtful man.

I hope John's Eagle Scout project goes well. That is exciting that he is getting it all done so soon. I hope it doesn't snow before Saturday! That will be one cold Eagle Project.

Thanks again for the email. I will pray that you can find a home to move into in Missouri soon.

Have a good Thanksgiving!


Elder Call

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