Saturday, May 30, 2009

Even in Missionary Work there can be Nothing New

Elder Call's handwritten letter this week is pretty short. And it's even shorter on the blog because a friendly reminder was posted a few weeks ago by someone who stumbled onto the blog. He reminded me that sensitive information about investigators or members should be kept private, and he is right. So I'm more careful about editing out Elder Call's personal perceptions or his desires that specific investigators will be baptized.

But his letter is nonetheless nice to read!

20 May 2009

Dear Family,

Thanks for your letters this week. I really like reading them and hearing all about what is going in. It sounds like everyone is doing really good. Rebecca wrote me about Adam Foster's talk. . .what he said about Mom is service. Also what he said about Sister Crave. That one made me laugh: how she would have taken charge and been first in teh Valley.

Things are pretty much the same. . . . [We had a great meeting] with Mona. We talked about everything from Abraham to Joseph Smith, from revelation to families. She has a greater understanding about revelation now. She is now [hoping] to meet President Monson! I believe she will make it happen.

Sorry this letter is short, but there isn't much to write about this week.

Love you all,

Elder Call

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