Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Elder Call's Gaurdian. . .DOG?

27 May 2009

Hi Dad,

Thank you for emailing me. I can't remember if I said thanks for the stamps or not. Thanks for the stamps. (I got them a while ago.) I enjoyed reading the email.

That sounds like an awesome Memorial Day Breakfast! I wish I could have been there to see all those people. It sounds like Sister Crave and her family did a good job once again. How did they get so many people there?

Our Memorial Day was actual kind of boring because everybody was gone or were having parties and we didn't have any appointments. Nobody really seemed to want to talk to us either. Oh well.

But today, on the other hand, we had a Zone Memorial Day activity at a park just down the road from us. That was a ton of fun! It started at 11:00 and ended at 3:00. We played softball, had a barbecue (with the grill the Saureys gave us) and then played Ultimate Frisbee. I didn't really like the softball part though. I just don't like playing baseball type games.

That is really nice of Pres. Evans and Bishop Ensign to ask how I am doing. I was wondering if Pres. Ward was still around or if he is in Salt Lake or whereever?

It sounds like you travel a lot now for work. Do you like that or would you rather just do work around Rockford?

I can't remember if I told you but we had a district blitz last week. All the missionaries in our district went to work in Elder Rose and Elder Fletcher's area for a few hours. I was Elder Fletcher's companion. We had a dog follow us all over town! It was kind of scary. . .it had its mouth open with its tongue hanging out the entire time. It would walk just behind us or next to us. And we would stop to knock on a door and it would lay down while we talked and then get back up again. People even asked us if it was our dog! One time it even walked quite a ways ahead of us and we turned into a trailer court. We saw it stop and look around and then came running over to us! We then went inside a trailer and when we came out 10-15 minutes later it had disappeared. We joked that it was our guardian angel! Who knows maybe it really did protect us from something or someone.

It sounds like Mom will have a ton of fun in Utah visiting her family.

Tell everyone that I am doing good and appreciate them asking about me. Tell them all "hi."

Elder Call

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