Monday, April 5, 2010

Expecting Miracles in Idaho Falls South Stake

5 April 2010

Dear Dad,

Things are great here in IF South. My new companion is Elder Lacey from Iowa. He has been out 9 months and is doing a good job. We cover 7 wards and a singles branch.

They are:
Sunnyside Ward
Shadow Mountain Ward
Cedar Ridge Ward
Summerfield Ward
Shamrock Park Ward
Home Ranch Ward
Park View Ward
Community Park Branch (Singles)

We are going to see miracles here in the next few weeks.

The President of the singles branch is President Kevin Call. Owner of Farr's Candy and Ice Cream. He comes from the Star Valley Branch of the family. He is pretty nice and everybody in Idaho Falls seems to love him.

General Conference was very good. Our zone watched it at the IF Stake Center on 1st street.

It was spring break here this past week and the week before it was getting pretty warm, but it tricked us and we had a few flurries of snow. We are supposed to be able to take our suit coats off at the end of April Conference, and we have, but it has been in the 30's which isn't very warm.

I wish that I could be doing family history research right now! Outside of family and friends that is probably what I miss the most. It was kind of funny--we went to a man's house the other day and he told me that when he first saw me he thought, "He looks familiar. I should know him." It turns out he spent a while in Rigby and knew a bunch of Calls there. He said we all look similar.

I had one family in Pocatello we were eating with kept looking at me kind of funny, especially looking at my eyes, and asked if I had family in Bancroft (just outside of our mission--that is where a lot of the Chesterfield Calls went when Chesterfield became a ghost town). They told me that my eyes looked just like the eyes of some Calls they grew up with over there.

I hope that work will provide itself for you and that you will be given the inspiration to know how to get new clients.

Last night we had a lesson with a couple that wants to get baptized. They pretty much told us that the first time we met them. It was our first lesson last night. We had a brother from the ward with us. We had plans to set a baptism date for the two of them. This area just really needs a baptism date to kick-start things. We had plans to share a short, powerful first lesson (as we are instructed too) and invite them to be baptized and we both (Elder Lacey and I) felt very strongly about needing to do that. But it just didn't quite work out the way we had planned.

We ended up setting another appointment to come over on Tuesday afternoon, and we hope to set a plan for him and his wife to get baptized.

Thank you for all of your support.

Elder Call