Monday, April 26, 2010

Investigators Progressing in Idaho Falls South Stake

Note: In my weekly email to Elder Call, I updated him on some comings and goings in the Beloit Ward, including information about the new YM and YW presidency, Mike Hobbs receiving his Duty to God award, Dan Bunker submitting his missionary papers, and the Stewart Family.

26 April 2010

Dear Dad,

I hope that jury duty will be more exciting this time around. I actually don't think that I would like to do that very much, too much could hang in the balance and I wouldn't want to have to make that decision. Good luck to you.

That Young Men's presidency will do awesome.

I'll have to write Mike and congratulate him on earning his Duty to God. His birthday is actually on transfers, about a week and a half away.

I can't wait to hear where Dan is called to serve. That makes me so happy to see that he has stayed worthy and has the desire to serve. He will be a great missionary.

The Stewarts are great people. I have many great memories of them. Especially when President Stewart was our young men's president. I think that Sis. Stewart was in the mutual program pretty much my entire time being involved with the youth.

Not a whole lot of exciting things have happened this week, but there are a few things of note.

We took one of our investigators to the visitor's center last Monday night and watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was very powerful. He definitely felt the Spirit there. He has family that was baptized a few months ago. Elder Lacey told me that the first time they met him he basically told them to get off his porch because we are a cult! Now he goes to church every week. He told us after the movie on the way home the he ordered a quad and is having his name put on it. He also said that he recently considers his religion to be "Mormon." When we meet with him tonight we are going to ask him to be baptized. I have no idea what he will say. I guess we will find out.

There is a part-member family that we have been teaching. Their two daughters committed to be baptized later in May.

It can be kind of mind-boggling sometimes. This family (like others I have met) all know the gospel very well, and seem to have testimonies. But when it comes to staying active it is hard. So then their kids don't get baptized when they turn 8 so we come in and teach. We get them coming to church in hopes that they will stay active, or that in the future they can have a place to go. The father isn't a member, and he doesn't say much, but as far as we can tell he doesn't have a problem with anything we teach. He even said a prayer yesterday at the end of the lesson.

One of our other investigators is on the edge of dropping us. She is a good lady. She told us she isn't sure she will continue to go to the LDS Church. She is going to a different church each week. She said she just doesn't think the Church is what she is looking for. So we hope we can get her to realize it is not about what we want, or what we think is fun, or what the spirit is. But we should look for Christ's church and the Spirit as described in the Bible and Book of Mormon.
I hope that things will continue to progress here.

I will also continue to pray for the family and for Grandma Call.

Keep me updated please. Thanks.

Elder Call

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