Monday, April 19, 2010

Expressions of Love for Grandmother; Thoughts on Family History

Note: In my weekly email to Elder Call, I informed him that his Grandmother Call has been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing chemotherapy beginning this month. I also shared with him the progress I've made on my life history—it's now up to 165 pages.

19 April 2010

Dear Dad,

I know that the Brumbles will do a great job on Easter Island. I hope that Jared will be prepared to serve a mission, he would be a great missionary also. Have you heard any news about Dan Bunker. I haven't heard from him for a few weeks and I think he said he was going to come home and submit his papers from Beloit Ward, is that still the plan?

That is absolutely astounding that you have written so much about your life history! I can't tell you how much our family is going to love that. Just think if your dad or grandparents had a life history that long. Do you know if your parents have written a life history, journal, etc? Rebecca mailed me some copies of things from the Call Connection that they wrote about their early life. They were fascinating to read. Also, consider if Omer or Cyril wrote life histories. As far as I can tell they didn't, but their children and gandchildren wrote some life sketches of them.

Thank you for telling me about Grandma Call. That is very sad. I hope that she does alright. I will keep her in my prayers. Tell her that I love her and am proud that she is my grandmother.

On my mission so far I have met several people who have been close to passing on. I was asked to give a blessing to one man that was near death. We tracted into him and his family. Apparently he had been lingering on for an extended period of time, just hanging on, though he was hardly coherent. There were probably 15 family members or so in the room. One son said that a blessing of release might be necessary. He passed away a few days later. However, the peace that was in the home was strong. A family with knowledge of life here and in the hereafter. The Holy Spirit was extending his sacred calling of comfort that visibly affected the family. I am grateful for that.

Spring has finally hit Idaho for good I think. That is a blessing! It has fluctuated for the last several weeks.

Thank you for the email.

Elder Call

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  1. Wow Michael - that's great that you've done so much on your life history!