Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updates on Investigators; Sleeping High Priests

[Note: Elder Call had asked us in his written letter to send him copies of the three patriarchal blessings bestowed upon Lida Perry Call, his great grandmother. –Editor]

7 June 2010

Dear Dad,

That's alright about forgetting to email last week. I kind of figured that is what happened.

I hope that progress can be made with the investigators we have. We were supposed to have a baptism this past Saturday and the week before. They both got postponed. The first because he is in the hospital. Then the second because the mother called up Saturday morning and said they were all too sick to do it. So they are both rescheduled and we are praying hard that they can make it.

We went to the last 10 minutes of a high priest group yesterday to try to motivate them to do missionary work. I don't know if it was very effective. We went over time by about 2 minutes and one of two men that were asleep the entire time (heads down, eyes closed, heads bobbing back and forth) suddenly woke up looked at the time shook his head and pointed at the clock. He was upset that we went over the time. You can probably imagine how I feel.

Thank you for sending me the blessings I just got curious and wanted to read them. I can't believe the rate at which you are writing your life history. That is great.

I pray for Grandma Call frequently. That is sad about her chemo being postponed; I will pray more for her and hope that she does well.

That is excellent that you won that major job in Virginia. It is also good that you won't have to travel very often. I don't know about you, but I don't like to travel very much. It would be especially hard having to do it every other week or so. What kind of stuff are you going to do for this client?

How are your books coming along?

I wrote the Webb's last week I think. But I will write another to Bishop Webb and the ward. Speaking of the Webbs, yesterday at the high priest thing I met a family that moved from here a few months ago from the Belvidere Branch. I think the father's name was John Fullmer. I know it was Fullmer. The wife said she was really good friends with Sis. Webb. It can be a small world sometimes.

Transfers are a week from this Wednesday. Elder Lacey is pretty convinced he is moving. This is his 5th transfer in this area. So that is kind of a long time.
He just told me his family is moving to Iowa Falls (an hour from from his home). But I thought he said, "Idaho Falls!" I wonder what would happen if your family moved into the mission?

Well, I think that is about it from the mission. Thanks for your email and for sending the copies of the patriarchal blessings.

Elder Call

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  1. Wow - so you have a new big client? And I'm praying for you with your other upcoming interview. Oh - and I never knew Grandma had 3 blessings ... will you email them to me?