Monday, June 21, 2010

New Companion; Investigators Progressing

21 June 2010

Dear Dad,

Thanks for the update on everything. It sounds like it was an exciting weekend for the girls in the ward. We don't really get bad storms out here in Idaho very often. It is kind of funny because people will tell me, "Oh we do get tornadoes out here, Elder." "We do get them sometimes." The most recent one that anyone remembers was 20-30 years ago out north of town towards Iona. It didn't really do any damage. I'm glad they're all safe.

Did I tell you I met a family from Belvidere? It is the Fullmer family. Sis. Fullmer said she is good friends with Sis. Webb. You might want to tell the Webbs that.

That sounds like a pretty cool book that you have come up with. Everyone here, whether they are members or non-members always comment about how Idaho Falls is a great place to raise a family. That is why a lot of people move back here after they get married and have a few kids. Sounds like your research must be dead on.

The Nielsons are back from the Netherlands! That is funny. Is John still good friends with Hugh, or did they change too much over the last couple of years?

My new companion is Elder Duffin from Los Angeles. He has been out 5 months. He is an AWESOME elder. Truly a God-send. He has only had one other other area, ISU.

One of our investigators is still set for baptism on Sunday. We are going to call the mother tonight and make sure that they have asked all the family members to participate in the program. Another investigator is still working towards baptism. We are going to teach him tonight and possibly reset a date for him to work towards.
We had another investigator get baptized on Saturday. But I will probably write about that in the letter home. It was a very spiritual baptism.

I will continue to pray for you and the family and Grandma Call.

Elder Call

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