Monday, August 23, 2010

Elder Call Hits 18-month Mark

23 August 2010

Dear Dad,

Thank you for the email. Things keep trudging along here in Taylor Mountain Stake. We have several investigators that want to be baptized, they set dates for themselves. But they just aren't quite ready yet. They need to rely on the Lord just a little bit more, then they will be able to make it. Elder Durnall and I just need to do everything we can to help them get there.

I am so excited for Dan and Jared. They will be excellent missionaries. I am so glad that I got to know them growing up in the Beloit Ward. We had the best youth and friendships. I don't remember a time when the Young Men ever had a bad time together. We were like brothers. And it is amazing how quickly time passes by. If Ryan comes out here to Idaho in the fall for spud harvest, you will have to let me know how to get in contact with him. I would like to see him again and maybe we could go to lunch or something.

Alissa and Allyson were pretty much the youngest in our group of good friends, so it is weird that they are seniors now and going to go off to college soon. They will bring up the tail-end of everyone going their separate ways. But the church has a funny way of bringing people back together. You can count on that one.

I hit my 18 month mark a little bit ago and it is so weird to be at dinner appointments and tell people that. We also had stake conference yesterday. I have only been to two stake conferences on my mission, one in IF South and the other just yesterday. President and Sister Colton came and spoke. They did a really good job. President Colton reminded the members that this work is really their own, and that the missionaries are here to assist in that. Most people seem to not fully grasp that concept. I hope that when I am back to being a regular church member that I can be a good member missionary. Entice and invite.

A couple of weeks ago my camera stopped working. I'm not sure what happened. We were out on a farm in Salmon and I took a couple of pictures then turned it off and put it in the case. Then I took it out and turned it back on. The lens extended, but the screen says there is a lens error and it won't retract. I took it to Best Buy (there are no camera repair stores in IF) and they said they need to know if it was purchased at a Best Buy. Like if you have a receipt or know what credit card it was purchased with or anything. They said that either a little hook broke, or a piece of dust got stuck in there. I don't know if you can help at all, but I'll figure something out. Thanks.

Well I will pray for you guys and for Uncle Ted. I hope that he will do alright. I was just thinking of him and Aunt Joyce these last few days.

Elder Call

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