Monday, August 2, 2010

Missionary Work Changing; How Potato Harvest Effects Handshakes; Etc.

Note: I shared with Elder Call a bit about our house-hunting trip to Missouri, updates on some of his friends here in Beloit Ward, and how Rick and Nancy Ritter of Beloit Ward have a grandson who just arrived a few weeks ago in the Idaho Pocatello Mission.

2 August 2010

Dear Dad,

It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun in Missouri! It would be pretty cool to see all of those church sites again. I hope that you can find the right home that would work for what you want and I also hope that the home in Illinois is sold soon. Is it up for sale?

I loved going to Missouri and seeing everything there, it would be neat to go back and maybe try to do some family history research there. I've always been curious because Cyril Call and his family stopped in Palmyra, Missouri (I believe it is about 14 miles west of Quincy) while they were trying to make it back to Far West. I think I read in Samantha Call Willey's life sketch that the family bought a home in Palmyra where they waited until Anson came from the Far West area and then they went up to Warsaw. So it would take a little investigation to find out if some sort of deed exists in Palmyra for Cyril Call. Anyways I am glad that you all had a good time.

I bet that John, Mary Ann, and Mom will have fun with their trips this week.

It is a wonderful time to be in the mission right now, especially with all of these changes. In one of our last meetings with President Colton (can't remember what exactly the number was) he said we had about 160 baptism dates in the mission. That was a HUGE jump. So this new training is working, we just need to keep it up and have it become the standard. It is so much fun learning about all of this.

Yes, I was called as a zone leader. That happened when I got emergency transferred into Taylor Mountain. As a result President Colton hasn't sent the little letter that confirms your call to a new assignment that is mailed to me, my parents, and my stake president. So I guess it hasn't been confirmed, but that's what they've told me.

I am so excited for Jared Brabazon! The Baltic Mission sounds like it would be so cool to go to. He will love and I bet he is way excited. I am glad that he has made that choice to serve a mission and I hope that he can continue to be fixed upon that.

I pray for Ryan that he can overcome whatever challenges he might be facing right now. He is such a good guy. The potato harvest here is pretty popular. I believe it is at it's peak the first two weeks of October. That is when all the kids are let out of school to go help. Then it carries on for a little bit afterward to wrap it up. They make good money. A lot of people losing fingers though or at least the hands get messed up somehow. While in St. Anthony you just get used to shaking men's hands that aren't working like they should! Then in Sacrament when they raise their hands a lot of them are mutilated, but no one ever thinks anything of it.

I think I have heard the name Elder Ritter. I thought about the Ritters in Beloit, but didn't think there was a connection. But I will keep my eyes open. We have Zone Conference on Thursday so I will look for him then.

My new companion is Elder Durnall (pronounced Dur-nell) from Sacramento. He knew Elder Poppleton back home. Elder Durnall is way good, and nice too. He has been out for only 9 months. I am excited to be his companion.

Things are going well here. I will continue to pray for you.

Elder Call

P.S. Could you send me Addison's mission address and if you have it his MTC address?


  1. Wow - a zone leader! Did you get the text with Addison's address?

  2. hahaha - isn't it amazing that one can serve in a different state and it's like being in another world?!