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12 December 2010: Short Update

12December 2010

Dear Dad,

Thank you so much for the picture! Those were great, it is nice to know where I will be going home to. It is a beautiful home. I like it a lot. It looks totally like something you would love. I still can't even imagine 25 acres of land. That is crazy. It seems to be on a beautiful spot of ground. It will be so much fun to go home to a new place. I hope you guys can get all settled in soon and that everything will work out.

There are several elders in our mission all from the Kansas City area. Elder Bryant (goes home a transfer after me) is from Lee's Summit, Elder Slocum (he went home a few months ago) is from Olathe, Kansas, and Elder Burris (goes home with me) is from our stake, but I can't remember what city.

Speaking of that could you either send me our new bishop's name and address and same with the stake president. You could either call the mission office or email it to me. I think the mission office phone number is 208-237-8992.

Not much has happened this week out here either. There have been a few ward Christmas parties and people always give us food, actually insist that we take it. So we will be living off of pancakes, eggs, and hash browns this week. It is really good, people here in Idaho are so nice.

Speaking of Christmas I think I will be calling home some time between 9:30 and 10:00 Christmas morning. That is Idaho time. I am looking forward to it. It will be really good to talk to all of you again. I know I say this all the time, but it is absolutely crazy how fast time flies by. It was seven months ago last time I called home.

Thanks again for the email and pictures and I will look forward to seeing more pictures.

Elder Call

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