Monday, January 24, 2011

Family History Brings the Spirit

24 January 2011

Dear Dad,

It sounds like it has been quite the week for the family! With school and church being cancelled. I bet that is a ton of fun for Mary Ann and John.

I am glad that Mary Ann was able to visit some of her friends up in Roscoe! I bet it was a great experience for her. I hope that she can make some new good friends in Missouri, it makes me happy to know that kids in the ward were asking about her.

I am cool with speaking on either the 20th or 27th, whichever works out better for you guys. If 27 March is best, then that is what we will do. I don't need to speak in the Wood Heights Ward, just curious if they were planning on it.

That is so good that you are getting some more jobs, I hope you can find new clients. I do know about the Lord stretching us, to teach us to lean on him. He really knows how to test us.

We had a couple of neat things happen this week. In one of the ward directories we saw that there was a Call family and decided to go visit them. The same day we decided that we should see them, the Relief Society President told us that we should go see the Call family because they could use a visit. So we thought we should go over that evening. We knocked on the door and Sis. Call answered and seemed a bit skeptical about why we were there. I told her I was just curious to see if we were cousins some how. She smiled and called to her husband, and said "Elder Call is here and wondering if we are cousins."

So he came to the door and invited us in, we sat down and talked for a minute. He is descended from Anson Call's son Anson Vasco Call. He is part of the Star Valley branch of the family. He asked me about my family history and I explained that I was from the Rigby branch of the family, through Anson's brother Omer. He told me that he had heard about the twin brothers Omer and Homer and that he was related to the Calls from Rigby. We got to know him a little more and he told us he hasn't been active for about 5 years. He then invited us over for dinner tonight. He stopped and said, "Wow, I just invited you guys over again. That's good, twice in one week. I haven't let missionaries in for 5 years."

He also told us that the other day he saw a couple of missionaries walking by as he was shoveling and they offered to help shovel. He said that he didn't need any help, so they kept walking. As they left he noticed that the good feeling he had as he was talking with them left also, and he almost called after them, but was too scared to.

I guess we just don't realize the impact we make on people sometimes.

I think I will write about the other neat thing that happened in a letter home.

Thanks for the email, it is good to hear what is going on at home.

Elder Call

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