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5 December 2010: We Share News about our New House in Missouri

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dear Elder Call:

I just had to write to give you the great news! The original house we wanted to buy in Missouri is now ours! It's just amazing how this happened. As you know, the offer we had originally extended wasn't quite right, and so we started to pursue other homes. Then, on Tuesday night of this week, the seller of this home (it's near Richmond, so I'll just call it the Richmond home) called me and said he wanted to open discussions again if we are still looking for a home. On Wednesday I called him and told him what we would could do as far as a down payment, monthly payments, etc.--and believe me: we were asking for a lot. He told me to put it all in an email and send it to his real estate agent, which I did late Wednesday. Then today, Thursday, I received an email from the real estate agent saying that they agree to the terms we offered! I couldn't believe it! I think it must have been your prayers, and Mom's prayers, and the faith of Mary Ann. I have to admit that my faith has been waning a bit lately.

Anyway, this is the home on 25 acres. It's 95 years old, being built in 1915. It has beautiful woodwork and the rooms on the main floor are pretty big, but the bedrooms upstairs are small. And it has only one bathroom. But it does have a basement that is suitable for storing things, which most older homes in this part of Missouri don't have. It has at least three ponds (it may have a fourth one on the extra acres we are buying) and some forest and some pasture. We are so excited!!! We move on Friday, December 10. Until we get you the address, feel free to send your letters to our address here in Roscoe and the Post Office will forward them. By the way, we need your new address for a birthday/Christmas present we are sending you. Please provide it ASAP. Thank you once again for your prayers and faith in our search for a home in Missouri. We have been greatly blessed!

I'm attaching some pictures of the house.


5 December 2010

Dear Dad,

That is absolutely a miracle about the house!!

I am so happy for you guys. I bet that was a really nerve-racking few months. I am so glad that you guys are able to move this week. I have to admit, that is kind of weird that you will be moving this Friday and that you are probably packing right now. I bet you are all so excited to finally get to move.

That is pretty cool that it has 25 acres of land, three ponds, forest, etc. I can't wait to see it. Do you have pictures?

I am serving here with Elder Rudd and Elder Goncalves. It is a ton of fun and we all know each other pretty well. Elder Goncalves and I were both in the IF West Zone until we got transferred here on Wednesday. Elder Rudd was serving in Ashton while I was in St. Anthony and Elder Goncalves was in Jackson (we were all in the Rexburg Zone). I have been on exchanges with Elder Rudd. Elder Goncalves goes home on the 15th of this month so he won't be here for very long. Usually when you get with a new companion for the first few days it is kind of awkward, trying to get to know each other and finding out what your companion is like. But it hasn't been that way at all, we are having a great time.

Elder Goncalves will be home for just a few weeks and then come back to Rexburg in January for school. It is way funny, because so many elders do that. Often times they all end up being roommates together.

We cover the Alameda 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wards in the Pocatello Alameda Stake. It is a really small area about four or five blocks wide and no more than 15 blocks long (that might be a stretch) so it is a walking area. We went to all three wards yesterday and they have pretty small sacrament meetings. I really like it here. There are four investigators with baptism dates right now. They all want to be baptized, but it seems like they have a few things holding them up before they can get baptized. I am excited to be here, and it is crazy how fast time flies by.

I was wondering the other day what phone number I can call home with on Christmas Day? Hopefully by next week I should know about what time I will be calling at. Could you let me know what times would be good for you guys.

Other than that I don't think a whole lot has happened this week.

Congratulations on getting the home!


Elder Call

5 December 2010

Dear Dad,

So I wrote most everything in the other email, but I have a few more questions.
I sent home last Tuesday a box of letters, planners, etc. of stuff that I wanted to keep, but didn't have room to pack. Did you get that?

That would make a really sad Sunday yesterday, but it is good to know that our family will be missed. You have helped so many people there in the Beloit Ward. I will miss it dearly. For sure I will come back and at least speak, if that is alright with Bishop Webb.

I understand about the birthday/Christmas presents, I don't expect a whole lot. And if you can't really afford anything don't worry about it. Just having a home in Missouri is the best Christmas present I could get.

Good luck on the move and I hope you can all get down there safe and get settled into the new ward and everything.


Elder Call

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