Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 January 2011: Time Flies By!

3 January 2011

Dear Dad,

I cannot believe that it is 2011! That is so weird to say. I don't think I ever imagined it would ever be 2011. Time really does fly by.

Ya, we had a good New Year's Eve. We are supposed to be locked up in a church building as a zone from 6-9 PM, then head straight home. So we all got together at one of the ISU (Idaho State University) Stake Centers and played mostly soccer and basketball. Holidays are never very much different for missionaries.

I didn't even think about John being able to go to Stake Youth Activities. That is strange to think he is old enough for that now. That is kind of funny that he didn't want to go. But I don't blame him, going to his first dance and being a place where he doesn't know anyone. That would be really tough. I am glad that they had a good time.

It does sound like a busy week. I really hope that you can continue to find work. It has got to be really stressful for you right now. About BYU, I think it would be wise to work at home for a while and then head out to school later in the year. If I get home at the end of February then that will give me 5-6 months before the Fall Semester starts to earn some money to pay for school. The trick will be finding a job quick. And if I find a very well paying job then I could head out in the summer again, but I will probably wait until the fall. I don't want to start school up again and starting out in debt, that would not be good. Thank you for doing that.

That would be cool if you were able to fix up a barn to make it livable. Every time you talk about the house I get more and more excited to see it in person.

This week was kind of slow for us on the one hand, but on the other it flew by again. Elder Rudd and I got some pretty nasty colds at the beginning of the week, so that slowed things down a bit. I went through a full box of tissue and half a role of toilet paper in 24 hours. My nose hurt! But we are back up to speed and feeling a ton better.

We had some really good testimony meetings yesterday. Sometimes they are just a dud. But yesterday was mostly good. We also saw a missionary that served here in one of our wards yesterday. His name is Elder Colbert (Coe-bear). We had to rush to a meeting with our stake president, so it was real brief. But he is getting married and moving into our stake. So that is pretty cool. We call it the Idaho Trap. So many missionaries end up back in Idaho after their missions for one thing or another (usually school at BYU-I or ISU) and then meet a girl from Idaho that will not move so they just settle down in the Upper Snake River Valley. It is funny.

Thanks for your email. I continue to pray for you and the family.

Elder Call

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