Sunday, January 16, 2011

26 December 2010: It's a Small World

Note: Our family was again blessed to be able to speak with Elder Call on Christmas Day. Here are pictures of Elder Call's Mom and his Dad talking with him. Photos taken by Elder Call's younger brother, John.


26 December 2010

Dear Dad,

It was great talking with all of you on Saturday! It is always good to hear your voices.

Thank you so much for the picture. It looks great! Mary Ann and John have both grown, especially John. HOLY COW! He has gotten quite a bit taller and bigger, I almost didn't recognize him. It is great to have a picture of the whole family.

I do miss all of you, it will be good to be home. It will be sad though to leave the mission and not be able to do this again. We are emailing at Brother Morrow's house again, because the family history center is closed. They have a man here doing some work for them. I taught him way back in the Poky West Stake in the Spring of 09. I don't think he ever got baptized. He wanted to while we were there, he came to church and everything just never quite prepared himself. He is a really nice, humble man. It can be a really small world sometimes.

That is cool that the stake presidency member's son is in Boise. Elder Rudd's yo
unger brother just got called to that mission. He will enter the MTC on February 16 2011. Elder Rudd goes home at the beginning of April. So President Colton said he will see if he can work something out where they can see each other. That would be pretty neat for both of them.

So it sounds like you are still traveling frequently. I don't know how you do it, I don't think I would like that at all.

Oh, I do have one question. I have been wondering about my enrollment at BYU. I still want to go there, I just am kind of worried because I have been gone since the Summer 2008 semester. Do you think that they still consider me a student, or will I have to reapply? I hope that all works out there.

Sorry this is kind of short, not much has happened the past couple of days.


Elder Call

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